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3E7X1 - Fire Protection

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Official Description

It goes without saying that the Air Force operates in an environment unlike any other, and therefore we need Fire Protection specialists unlike any others. In this field, you'll be trained to deal with everything from brush fires to burning rocket fuel and hazardous material fires. You'll also be stationed on an Air Force base using the latest equipment and will occasionally help out local civilian fire departments when needed. Fire Protection is intense but very rewarding as you'll not only be putting out fires, but you'll also be saving lives. From airforce.com.

ASVAB RequiredG - 38
Security ClearanceSecret
CCAF EarnedFire Science
Civilian marketabilityVery Good
Base choicesTravel the world

Detailed Description

Fire Protection consists of everything you imagine when you think of a Fire Fighter, and more. You’ll be responsible for both structural and aircraft fires, as well as other emergency situations. The extent of job performance will vary greatly depending on base assignment and mutual aid agreements in the area.

What an average day is like

This will depend on your fire department. Most work 24hr On-Duty/24hr Off-Duty. There are others that work 24/48; 48/48; 48/72. It is dependent on the leadership at the time. Day starts with roll-call to make sure everyone arrived safely and you can complete shift change over. Afterwards everyone will check tools, equipment and vehicles. The rest of the day consists of training, cleaning and any other odd tasks that need to be accomplished that day. The video gaming and tv watching portion that everyone talks about does not happen until after normal duty hours. This is considered “down time”. Depending on your supervisor and department, as a new firefighter, you may be required to complete your 5-Level courses prior to getting to fully experience down time.

Other details

Weekends will be worked, especially on a 24/24 schedule. However, K-Day/Kelly-Days are given to make up for the lack of weekends. Every other week you will get one of your normal work days off. This will allow for a 3-Day “weekend”. These days are set by the Station Captain and Assistant Chief of your shift.


Fire protection is a completely enlisted/civilian field. The first officer is your chain of command is commonly the Squadron commander. Fire protection culture is very similar to a frat; a lot of jokes, pranks and brotherhood. Family style dinners are commonplace and it is completely normal to spend off duty time with coworkers you’ve just spent 24 hours working with.

Tech School

Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas; It is a physically and mentally demanding course. Previously, it had one of the higher wash-out rates in the Air Force. Due to standards changes that has lessened a bit, but many people still struggle. Goodfellow dorms are fairly new, and the base is small. Bottled/Filtered water is a necessity in the area due to drought and contaminants. The surrounding city is friendly and growing, but lacking many things that normal cities have. Overall, it is not a bad sacrifice for one of the more desired jobs in the Air Force.

Career Development Courses (CDCs)

Fire protection CDCs operate very differently than CDCs in other AFSCs. The courses for each skill level are split into different classes. The courses are usually done on CD-ROM along with hands-on OJT. Each course provides you with a different certification, and these certifications build upon one another as you progress. Many of the courses are taught by the Department of Defense Fire Academy and it is not uncommon to see E-2/3/4s headed back to Goodfellow for additional training.

A.S. Fire Science, CCAF

A.S. Instructor of Technology and Military Science, CCAF (Available as a Fire Protection Technical Training Instructor)

Advanced Training

Fire protection no longer has a 5/7 level school, as previously stated 5/7 Levels are earned through certifications completed at the home-station and through the Department of Defense Fire Academy.

Ability to do schoolwork

Completing schoolwork during shift is common. While working 24+hr shifts the end of the duty day for everyone else is normally downtime for fire personnel. You will still be on-duty and at the fire station but this time can be used for PT, CDCs, schoolwork and eventually, sleep.

Security Clearance

Most Fire Protection personnel are only required to have a Secret clearance. Anything further would be dependent on the base and job tasking.

Base Choices

The majority of CONUS and OCONUS bases are available for assignment.


Deployment tempo is normal.

Civilian marketability

It is very likely to use the skills and knowledge you learned in the Air Force and apply it to a civilian job. Many firefighters end up leaving the Air Force to pursue a civilian career due to a desire for a higher work tempo. Civilian firefighter is not necessarily a high paying job, but the experience and certifications you have earned will greatly assist you in acquiring a position.

Videos about the job

revision by SilentD13S/ROTC Cadre— view source


- Led 3 pers tm/C-130 brake fire; ensured rescue path/established emer veh re-supply ops--saved 4 crwmbrs/$34M acft

- Conquered Fire Officer II/ Incident Safety Officer crs's; 3 sem hrs/avg'd outstanding 87% EOC--received 2 Nat'l certs

- Coor'd construction of NFPA-compliant rm dividers, enabled msn crit crew rest--efforts lauded/coined by EMSG/CC

- Outstanding performer; can be counted on to complete any task with unparalleled results and efficiency
- Filled Station Chief position; supervised daily tasks/activities; ensured 100% emergency response capabilities
- Lead EMT on head trauma patient; assessed/stabilized vitals; packaged for transport; ensured patient recovery
- Rapidly extinguished a transformer fire; aggressive attack halted fire; damage limited to $100; saved $600K
- Catalyst for training! Received national certifications for Incident Commander and Telecommunicator I and II
- Supported USAFE Firefighter Combat Challenge; manned rehabilitation station, provided first aid support
- Instructed a myriad of firefighting skills; trained 17 personnel on basic and intermediate levels of firefighting
- Participated in Security Forces "Halloween Pumpkin Patrol"; provided safe festive environment for community
- Conducted seven station tours to over 250 students during fire prevention week; enhanced fire safety awareness
- Hosted 469 ABG/CC's installation Officer/SNCO immersion program; expertly demonstrated department ops
- Quickly stabilized class III fuel spill on an C-17; prevent contamination of base water; protected $237M aircraft
- Conducted 10 company-level facility fire/safety inspections; ensured 100% compliance with Life Safety Codes
- Highly motivated performer; possesses the attitude and ambition essential in today's Air Force; promote!
- Solid noncommissioned officer; consistently demonstrated unparalleled performance in all circumstances
- Voluntarily deployed for 87 days to Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq; directly supported Operation IRAQI FREEDOM
-- Expertly mitigated hydrazine leak on an F-16; stopped leak; applied absorbent material; no ecological harm
-- Refurbished six hardened aircraft shelters; provided shelter for F-16 aircraft; protected $300M in AF assets
-- Responded during alarm black to a wildland fire; directed extinguishment; saved security forces watch tower
- A dedicated Non Commissioned Officer; number one choice to get the job done right; challenge and promote
- Excellent Mentor! Led his trainee to completion of five-level upgrade training six months ahead of schedule
- Dispatched to medical emergency of man who sustained head injuries; administered care until medics arrived
- Energetically promoted "Combat Proud" program; volunteered 10 off-duty hours; bolstered base beautification
- Provided fire protection for USAF and United Arab of Emirates aircraft during Operation Enduring Freedom
- Deployed fuel pads to contain Class III fuel spill from a KC-10 aircraft--prevented an environmental debacle
- Responded to propane tank fire--provided protection for crews/cooled tank--minimized any explosion hazards
- Assisted during vehicle accident--provided spinal stabilization/patient packaging-prevented further injuries
- Maintained $2000 of personal protective equipment; no write-ups during bi-weekly/quarterly inspections
- Revamped P-19B vehicle equipment and supplies...increased response potential of flight for critical missions
- Finished CDC's for upgrade ahead of peers--allows management flexibility of placement in various position
- Attained last college credits for degree--recieved Associates Degree from Southern Maine Community College
- Volunteered 102 hours with NJ State Forest Service expanding fire breaks--increased fire safety for community
- Helped train 9 students in Wildland fire fighting--recieved letter of excellent performance from lead instructor
- Responded to brush fire in base housing--deployed handline...extinguished fire with zero dollar loss to AF
- Completed 16 hours of driver training on T-3000 fire apparatus--allow for additional contingency capabilities
- Outstanding airman--superbly versed in all areas of mobility and daily operations--promote immediately!
- Team player! Integral flight member during 2005 Nuclear Surety Inspection team visit...WG rated "Excellent"
- Donated 12 hours of personal time for Fire Prevention Week...actions enhanced image for flight and USAF
- Helped inspect and test 2500 feet of fire fighting hose...ensured 100% serviceability of vital mobility resource
- Spearheaded fire station tours for base/local elementary schools...promoted positive image of flight and USAF
- Provided fire protection support for visits of DVs--Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush
- Versatile airman! Consistently elevates and reinforces positive image for fire protection and AF...promote now
- Lead evaluator for fire truck pump service testing; ensures $1M in fire department assets meet the standard
- Instrumental with the set up and tear down of Christmas bizarre; volunteer helped raise $2,200 for the "Top 4"
- Responded to "the call" as unit Combined Federal Campaign representative; raised $3,300 with %100 contact
- Actively supports unit activities; member unit volleyball and softball team; promotes teamwork amongst peers
- Maintains inventory for 13 fire department vehicles; 100% accuracy of $500K emergency response equipment
- Extremely active...donated time to train peers and subordinates...10 new National registry EMT's in department
- Leader among peers; flight safety representative and graduated Airmen Leadership School; self improvement
- Hand picked; represent unit at Mainz specialized rescue seminar; enhanced ties with local national departments
- Responded to KC-135 in flight emergency no hydraulic power; shutdown aircraft and rescued 35 passengers
- First EMT on scene; hysterical child with sever hand laceration; ensured patient recovered 100% use of hand
- Self motivated NCO; willingly accepts levels of higher responsibility with great success; promote immediately
- Rapidly extinguished an aircraft engine fire; limited fire damage and provided safe route of egress for pilot
-- Quickly stabilized patient suffering severe leg injuries; controlled arterial bleeding and prevented shock
- Lead crew chief during emergency on a C-21; directed incoming vehicles to extinguish aircraft engine fire
-- Prompt actions resulted in rapid extinguishment of the fire; limited damage to under $5K on $10M asset
- On-Scene Commander for an F-15 aircraft with emergency hydraulic failure; caught approach-end barrier
-- Expertly orchestrated aircraft removal/sub-five minute barrier rewind operation--best in AFMC to date
- Managed emergency scene during C-9 aircraft fire; calm, clear direction isolated source--saved $5M asset
- Lead crew chief during ground emergency on a KC-130 type aircraft with severe landing gear malfunction
-- Immediately took charge; ensured aircraft/crew were secure then escorted both safely to parking ramp
- Directed crews during class III fuel spill from C-130 aircraft; egressed crews and adverted ecological disaster
- Responded as driver/operator to an alarm panel fire inside an occupied protective aircraft shelter
-- Properly positioned his vehicle; enabled crew chief to deploy fire attack line and quickly extinguish fire
- Lead crew chief during C-9 ground emergency involving electrical problems and smoke in the cockpit
-- Properly disconnected battery and evacuated aircrew; proper actions limited damage to under $2K
- Performed flawlessly during a 50-gallon fuel spill; fast actions prevented fuel from contaminating soil
-- Diked, diverted and contained JP-8 fuels spill from aircraft; prevented probable environmental damage
- Displayed sound judgment and decision making abilities during a major fuel spill on a C-17 aircraft
-- Created an earth berm which contained the fuel; actions effectively minimized environmental damage
- Responded to a civilian aircraft crash; quickly egressed two severely burned victims out of danger area
-- Superb rescue efforts and proper medical care ensured survival; both patients now fully recovered
- Responded to 27 aircraft emergencies as Assistant Chief during incumbents absence; ensured zero fire loss
- Mitigated class III fuel spill on a 747; positioned absorbent pads; halted hazard to aircraft and environment
- Deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operations SOUTHERN WATCH and ENDURING FREEDOM
-- Responded to a fuel bladder rupture; quick containment stopped fuel from reaching mission aircraft
- Top-notch airman! Expertly performed driver/operator responsibilities and station duties;
swift actions as crewmember ensured zero life loss and minimal fire loss in over 150 aircraft and structural incidents
- Stopped class three fuel spill involving C-130; plugged leak and confined fuel; no environmental impact
- Top-notch crew chief; first vehicle on scene during an C-9 ground emergency with a Class III fuel leak
-- Egressed ground crew to safety and quickly directed key clean-up operations; reduced mission downtime
- Filled shift shortfalls to sustain vehicle manning levels; performed as crew chief, driver and rescueman
-- First on scene during C-130 emergency, rapidly deployed handline; protected aircrew and 25 passengers
- Lead crew chief during a fire on a C-130/broken arrow incident; ensured protection of highly critical asset
- Rescueman during C-21 engine fire; deployed attack line; actions limited damage on a $10M asset
- Expertly mitigated hydraulic leak on a C-17; stopped leak and applied absorbent pads; no ecological harm
- Directly contributed to 86 CEG capturing Curtin Award for Best Large CE Unit in AF
- Contributed to 86 CEG capturing 2002 Curtin Award for Best Large CE Unit in AF
- Directly impacted 86 CEG capturing Curtin Award for Best Large CE Unit in AF; ready for promotion
- Contributed to 86 CEG capturing Curtin Award for Best Large CE Unit in AF
- Contributed to 86 CEG winning Curtin Award for Best Large CE Unit in AF; promote
- Certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM); serves on 86 AW CISM debriefing support team
- Successfully completed 5-level upgrade training requirements and certified to DoD Fire Instructor I
- Catalyst for training; completed DoD Fire Officer I, Fire Instructor I and Fire Inspector I and II courses
- Catalyst for training; completed DoD Fire Instructor II and Inspector II courses; superb AF role model
- Catalyst for training; completed DoD Fire Inspector II course and earned six credits towards CCAF degree
-- Eager to learn; enrolled in DoD Fire Instructor I and completed Emergency Medical Technician course
- Dedicated; completed Fire Officer II and Incident Safety Officer course; maintained 90% average score
- Academic excellence! Completed Fire Officer III, Fire Instructor II and Fire Inspector II certifications
- Consistently strived to better himself technically; completed DoD Fire Officer I and Instructor I courses
- Completed a demanding 6-week Emergency Medical Technician course; received national certification
- Strived for academic excellence; completed USAFE rescue school course objectives with a 90% average
- Earned 12 semester hours toward CCAF degree in fire science; increased personal knowledge and skills
- Completed two career development courses and graduated from the Advanced Rescue Technician school
- Completed Critical Incident Stress Management course; increased flight's post incident care capabilities
- Smart; completed Rescue Technician school and Airport Rescue Fire Fighter career development course
- Chosen above his peers to attend advanced rescue course; amplified departments rescue response posture
- Completed two career development courses/graduated from the DoD Advanced Rescue Technician school
- Completed CPR and First Responder courses; certifications furthered flights emergency response posture
- Attended Space Shuttle rescue course; enabled flight to support NASA specialized rescue operations
- Completed demanding 6-week Emergency Medical Technician course; received national certification
- Currently enrolled in German language class; course will help broaden communication with host nation
- Completed two upgrade training courses in five months; effort has brought him two courses shy of 5-level
- Catalyst for training; completed Advanced Rescue Technician and Space Shuttle Rescue Operations course
- Hand-selected to attend advanced Rescue Technician course; graduated the course with a 92% average
- Selected to attend the Advanced Rescue Technician course; graduated course with a superb 91% average
- Completed a demanding 6-week Emergency Medical Technician course; received national certification
- Stand out airman; number one choice to attend demanding NASA's Interior Space Shuttle Rescue course
- Revamped upgrade training program; reduced career development course delinquencies/failures by 61%
- Volunteered and successfully completed specialized Exterior Shuttle Transport System (STS) rescue course
-- Unique skills/knowledge support STS mission at the transatlantic abort landing site in Moron, Spain
- Certified to Fire Officer IV at DoD Fire Academy with 90% score, pinnacle of fire training achievement
- Deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operations SOUTHERN WATCH and ENDURING FREEDOM
- Inventoried two $35,000 mobility firefighting kits; readied assets for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
- Indispensable while deployed in support of operations SOUTHERN WATCH/ENDURING FREEDOM
- A true warrior; deployed in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH/ENDURING FREEDOM
- Inventoried two $35,000 mobility firefighting kits; readied assets for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
- Inventoried two $35K mobility firefighting kits; readied assets for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
- Involved in Firefighter Association activities; enhanced community involvement and firefighter morale
- Avid supporter of unit activities; assisted firefighter association in fund-raisers; $3,000 and morale boosted
- Elected secretary of the flights Firefighters Association; efforts led to $3,000 generated at fund-raisers
- Team mentor! Provides outstanding support to the wing Top 3, CES Top 4 and Firefighter Association
- Volunteered at fund-raiser to support the 7th Annual Firefighter's ball; contributions raised over $2,500
- Volunteered at fund-raiser to support the 7th Annual Firefighter's ball; contributions raised over $2.5K
- True team supporter; washed cars and raised $3,000 for annual Firefighter's Ball; overwhelming success
- Volunteered at fund-raiser to support the 7th Annual Firefighter's ball; contributions raised over $2.5K
- Driving force behind fund-raiser to support the 7th Annual Firefighter's ball; efforts raised over $2,500
- Volunteered at fund-raiser to support the 7th Annual Firefighter's ball; contributions raised over $2.5K
- Course administrator during USAFE Firefighter Combat Challenge; event lauded by HQ USAFE/CE
- Supported USAFE Firefighter Combat Challenge; served as judge, set up and tear down team member
- Contributed to flight's 2d consecutive USAFE Firefighter Combat Challenge Championship; outstanding
-- Garnered third place among all DoD competitors at the World Challenge Championship in Florida
- Instructed operation of firefighting vehicles; certified seven personnel--increased response capability
- Strives for advanced training; certified on three vehicles in one quarter; enhanced response capability 10%
- Managed flight's $4.2M vehicle fleet; zero flaws during recent SAV; 3-consecutive "Outstanding" ratings
- Superb VCNCO! Managed USAFE's largest fleet ... earned 3d consecutive "Outstanding" vehicle rating
- Strives for advanced training; certified on four vehicles in one quarter; enhanced response capability 20%
-- Managed 108 personnel; DoD's largest vehicle fleet, seven fire stations and 14 mutual aid communities
- Conceptualized and produced an extraordinary vehicle training guide; built operator guides, task list and
30 references for 11 response vehicles--reduced training time line 6-months; certifications increased 38%
- Instructed operation of firefighting vehicles; certified six personnel--increased flight response capability
- Updated base maps on structural vehicles; efforts helped 86 CEG receive Outstanding Unit Award 2002
- Instructed operation of firefighting vehicles; certified five new personnel--increased response capability
- Instructed vehicle operations to trainees; four troops received licenses; improved units response capability
- Catalyst for training; completed 5-level upgrade training and earned four vehicle licenses; role model
- Set up event during spouse awareness month and gave tours to 90 students during Fire Prevention Week
- Supported 2002 Fire Prevention Week; briefed 90 school children on home fire safety and awareness
- Dedicated numerous hours supporting Fire Prevention Week; efforts ensured successful annual campaign
- Participated in "Story Hour" at base library during Fire Prevention Week; thrilled 40 students and parents
- Chairman of planning committee to organize National Fire Prevention Week activities throughout KMC
- National Fire Prevention Week ambassador; educated 120 German grade-schoolers on home fire safety
- Played Sparky during fire prevention week; 120 children entertained and educated in home fire safety tips
- Set up event during spouse awareness month and gave tours to 90 students during Fire Prevention Week
- Participated in National Fire Prevention Week activities; educated 90 local national children on fire safety
- Volunteered over 20 hours during 2002 Fire Prevention Week supporting 86 AW fire safety activities
- Organized; gave 7 tours to over 250 students during fire prevention week; enhanced fire safety awareness
- Dedicated numerous hours supporting Fire Prevention Week; efforts ensured successful annual campaign
- Supported 2002 Fire Prevention Week by volunteering 10 off-duty hours helping with different activities

- Supv'd Telecommunicator I/II crs evals; certified 12 DoD dispatchers--mbrsprep'd for intergrated 911 call ctr
- Dispatched respiratory distress emer; deliver'd accurate/timely comm--enabl'd advance life spt/rapid transport

- IC at fuel spill; stopped leak/blocked 8 drains/coord repair on site--3-hrs on scene/zero environmental impact
- Trained 2 TSgts for IC certification; 28 evals/500 cklst items--relieved SNCOs while 20 personnel deployed
- Inspected 13 prgms/ID'd 47 deficiencies; 100% inventory/$3.1M equipment acct--noted strength/USAFE SAV
- Trouble-shot/repaired damaged fire hose tester--$24 fix saved $4K/prevented diversion of annual budget funds
- Judged flag detail/drill inspections for Jr ROTC competition; 8-hrs/mentored 63 cadets--enhanced AF customs
- Presided over qtrly awd boards; guided 16 mbrs/reviewed 23 pkgs--produced grp winners/re-blued 450 Amn
- Advised CC on 4 NJPs/discharge pkg; two SrA BTZs/vacated TSgt demotion--secured discipline for 230 Amn
- Selected Investigating Officer by sq CC; completed report of survey--ID'd root cause/liability for $20.7K loss
- Completed 15-hrs/Bachelor's degree; slayed core requirement/3.7 GPA--Dean's List & expanded mgmt skillset
- Mastered First Sergeant Academy total force curriculum; 120-hrs & 90% test avg--primed/key leadership role
- Baseball coach; dedicated >200-hrs mentoring future ldrs--finished prgms-best 4th place & Youth Coach of Yr
- Chosen SNCO Induction Ceremony emcee; introduced wgs newest 68 MSgts--received wg/CC & CCM kudos
- IC at head-on collision; extricated driver & coord utility shut-off/severed pole--zero mishaps & 17 responders
- Led tactical ops for 8 broken arrow exercises; primed wg for '13 surety inspection--secured CSAF #1 priority
- Directed 60-hr C-130 crs; educated 60 Polish AF responders--embassy lauded achievment; promote to SMSgt!
- C2 on GOV class III fuel spill; stopped leak/deconned responders--svd >$3M asset/zero environmental impact
- Authored Hot Brakes OI; 6-hrs TO research/coord w/superintendent--streamlined prgm/50% less afld closures
- Sq 1st Shirt/4 mo; revamped Family Care Plan--corrected records/wg earned "Excellent"/'12 CUI; SMSgt now

- Essential ldrshp vision; updated/briefed monthly stats about 252 Amn--situational awareness for CC & 9 Supts
- Instructed local national firefighters; conducted live acft fires/F-16 crses--trained 58 emer landing site prsnl
- Conducted 3 Sq level trng SAVs; inspected 125 digital records--overhauled prgm & corrected 119 deficiencies
- Restructured flt trng; rebuilt 301 line item MTP, created tracking metrics--effected 94% Amn upgraded on time
- Hosted Sq "Lunch-N-Learn"; communicated importance of trng department operations--educated 17 personnel
- Instructed 16 hrs/Air Force Trainers Crse; certified 24 Amn as mentors--groomed new NCOs for supervision
- Worked toward BAS; completed politics, public speaking, philosophy crses/9 credit hrs--3.6 GPA/Dean's List
- Selected above peers; complet'd basic & nuclear inspector crses/24 hrs total--only SSgt certified Wg evaluator
- Led msn critical trng; 39 hrs acft/structural live fire classes, 85 certified--SORTS at 99%/Amn deployment rdy
- WIT mbr conducted 16 exers during 5 insp; evaluated 86 prsnl--ID'd & correct'd 9 deficiencies/PL-1 msn rdy
- Volunteered 16 hrs at Wg events; worked food booth/supported CE Booster Club--actions helped raise $2.6K
- Alternate XX SFS UTM; filled position 30 days/scheduled testing--shepherded 455 Amn; Promote to TSgt now!
- Processed 86 CDC practical evals; assessed 308 core task performances--19 Amn upgraded to 5/7 skill levels
- Prepped Sq to support Wg msn; Orchestrated upgrade/technical crses--allocated $30K/sent 23 Amn to 5/7 lvl
- Exemplary manager; captured 185 trng days from USAFE bases--saved Wg >$25K/TDY cost; promote to TSgt

- Professionalism in motion; serviced 200 fire extinguishers after duty hrs--fire suppression capability increased

- Expedient response to 10 IFEs; A/C inspected/rendered fire safe--$0 loss to AF assets/mission uninterrupted

- Perfection in action! Assigned as lead firefighter during Silver Flag exercise--war fighting readiness enhanced

Fire Protection Supervisor

- Acting On-Scene Commander at KBR dormitory fire--efficiently marshalled resources, limited damage to $10K

- Responded to 32 UXO discoveries--six controlled detonations on base, zero harm to personnel or facilities

Fire Protection Craftsman

- Led fire crews to mitigate emergency power unit activation at scene of in-flight F-16 emergency; established rescue path, egressed pilot, applied oxygen, moved pilot outside danger zone, prevented hydrazine exposure and fatality

- Responded to a vehicle roll-over with multiple injuries, prioritized victims, provided care to critically injured, arranged immediate transport

- Chosen from among peers to serve as station chief; managed shift assignments, ensured smooth operation of 52 firefighters working in four fire stations

- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted HAZMAT team in recovering contents--prevented personnel exposure

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