International Business Dissertation Titles

Management of International change Dissertation Topics

Change, at the organisational level is vital for continued innovation and retention of competitive advantage. Therefore, understanding the different aspects of this topic is vital in creating awareness of existing views and practices for implementing and managing successful change, particularly at the international level. This topic area is therefore focused on the what, why and how involving managing change in contemporary organisations and social systems in general and how they may impact on the effectiveness of change. In particular, it examines the issues and dilemmas facing those managing change, as well as the skills required for successful adaptation and evolution, especially in an international context.

• What internal and external factors have the greatest impact on employees in cross-national mergers and acquisitions?
• Managing change across multi-cultural teams through technology and virtual project management: The impact of social understanding and use of digital media.
• Managing change: Developing a framework that links intended strategies and unanticipated outcomes.
• Employee adjustment during organisational Change: The role of organisational level and occupation.
• Success of a Product Lifecycle Management Implementation – an investigation into the electronics manufacturing industry.
• How power works through managing emotion in organisational change: Emotion management as power.
• How can the measurement of levels of work stress in individuals employed in an organisation undergoing change benefit it?
• Encouraging gender equality across international firms – what role can change management approaches take in supporting increased female representation in masculine firms?
• Managing Change in Asian Business – A comparison between Chinese-Educated and English-Educated Chinese entrepreneurs in Singapore.
• What is the impact of feedback during organisational culture change: a case study of a financial firm?
• Stakeholder Communication and Transformational Change: A case study in the use of a proprietary change management system.
• What effect is there on levels of resistance and conflict when change is lead by a servant or spiritual leader?
• How social media can facilitate acceptance of change in international organisations
• Soft skills are not enough: Why change management approaches also need strong project management planning to be successful.

Top 15 Dissertation Topics For International Business Management

When you are choosing a topic for your dissertation, it is important to make sure that you choose an interesting topic. You want to make sure that you can at least enjoy the reading a little bit because you will be reading and researching a lot about your topic. This is one of the largest papers you have written in your life. At least for most students it is. You want to make sure that you are really concentrating and are focused on the task at hand because you have to keep a strict deadline to ensure that you will have it complete in time.

These are the top fifteen topics that you can choose from. You can either write about these ideas or use them to develop your own ideas. The paper has to be totally unique so it is important to make sure that you choose wisely.

  1. In an international business environment, how does a company develop a positive social media strategy?
  2. How has Wal-Mart failed in international markets?
  3. What marketing techniques work best in an international market?
  4. How do banks like HSBC connect with business customers on an international basis?
  5. How can a company implement a cross-border management system?
  6. Can the outsourcing of customer service jobs affect the overall customer experience?
  7. What are some of the top customer trends in China?
  8. What type of global economy will Generation Y witness?
  9. Effects of the latest Global financial crisis.
  10. What is causing the hike in food prices globally?
  11. What must a small business know before entering into an international market?
  12. How is the global economy effecting the domestic economy in the United States?
  13. How is the global economy effecting the domestic economy in Germany?
  14. What are the duties of an international business manager?
  15. How do the responsibilities of an international business manager differ from that of a domestic business manager?

Once you have you topic idea, you can start developing your dissertation proposal. You will have to get your topic approved before you can proceed. Make sure that you obtain a copy of a dissertation proposal template or sample to make sure that you include all of the pieces. You can use either one of those to set up your paper and then you can continue your research aiming to prove that you can write this extensive paper on that topic.

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