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Your cover letter should address why you are best suited for the position. Take time to think about your “personal brand”— the unique skills and strengths that make you attractive to an employer. Convey your brand in your letters. Follow these tips for what to include and what to avoid.

What to Include

In your cover letter, be sure to:

  • Address it to a specific person, not just a title or department.
  • Refer to the exact job you are applying for, including a reference code if there is one.
  • Employ the active voice. For example, say “I won an award,” not, “I was awarded.”
  • Describe why you’re uniquely qualified. Cite relevant skills, experience and accomplishments, but don’t simply repeat your résumé. This is a chance to sell yourself!
  • Tell the employer something about yourself that might not be clear from your résumé.
  • Use keywords from the job posting in your cover letter (as you should do in your résumé).

Proofread your cover letter several times for correct spelling and grammar. Also, consider sharing it with someone who can proofread it and give you an honest opinion. Does your letter make the reader want to know more about you? If not, revise it, highlighting the things that make you the best candidate for the job.

Writing a cover letter is hard. As graduates, we all have been through spending hours thinking how to start and what to write. You can now download our free cover letter template. This template gives you an idea of forming your thoughts and is optimised to a professional level.


Additionally, you get the benefit of knowing that 4000+ people have used this cover letter template so far. You can be going for any job, but don’t waste your time thinking how or what you should write in your cover letter. Download this cover letter template and it will get you started in the right manner.

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Updated – 28/07/2015 – Celebrating 13000+ free cover letter template downloads 

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