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Starting Sentence Option 1: What exactly is a nurse? A nurse [covers a lot of ground/wears many hats] in a day, but [he/she] is the one who is always there when you’re in need. Nurses [thesis statement] and in this paper, we’ll take a closer look at what is expected of [a nurse/these health care professionals].

Starting Sentence Option 2: Nurses are what [keep the hospital functioning/make the world go round] and they are often depreciated for it. If people really [knew/understood] what nurses do, they would be far more appreciative. Nurses [thesis statement].

  • Nursing is a profession dedicated to helping people.
  • Nurses provide the majority of primary care in a hospital.
  • Since nurses see the patients so much,they are the ones who catch most issues and report them to the doctor.
  • A nurse must be knowledgeable in medical skills, but also have excellent people skills.
  • Nurses are the go-between for the patient and doctor.

American Nurses Association

International Council of Nurses


The Health Belief Model is the most used theory in the promotion of health. Initially, the underlying concept was that personal beliefs about an ailment could determine the health behavior. The model has four perceptions that serve as constructs of promoting health. They include perceived susceptibility, seriousness, barriers, and benefits.

A person’s belief on the severity of a disease is spoken by the construct of perceived seriousness. While this perception is based on medical knowledge, it can also come from a belief an individual has on the challenges an ailment would create (Kearney-Nunnery, 2016). For instance, to a majority of the people, the flu is viewed as just a minor illness. People are prompted to adopt healthier behaviors if their susceptibility to a disease is high. If the degree to contract a disease is high, then individuals tend to come up with ways that will enable them to stay safe (Kearney-Nunnery, 2016). For instance, condoms are used in efforts to reduce the contraction of HIV infection. It is logical that when individuals believe that they are at risk for a certain disease, they will adopt measures that will prevent themselves from contracting the ailment.

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