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The Iron Druid Chronicles is a series of urban fantasy novels, written by Kevin Hearne and published by Del Rey Books.[1] All the books including short stories have recorded Audiobooks narrated by Luke Daniels (for the US) and Christopher Ragland (for the UK market).


The series is set in our world (the first couple of books are set in Tempe, Arizona) where supernatural creatures exist, such as witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, elementals as well as various deities from many mythologies. The entire series is told in the first-personpoint of view and in the beginning is told exclusively by Atticus O'Sullivan (aka. Siodhachan O Suileabhain), a genuine Druid who owns and runs an occult bookshop, Third Eye Books and Herbs, as he gets embroiled in the day-to-day struggle of gods and goddesses and other supernatural creatures.

Granuaile and Owen Kennedy (arch druid to Atticus) narrate later chapters after they become a large part of the story.


  • 1. Hounded (May 2011)
  • 2. Hexed (June 2011)
  • 3. Hammered (July 2011)
  • 4. Tricked (April 2012)
  • 5. Trapped (November 2012)
  • 6. Hunted (June 2013)
  • 7. Shattered (June 2014) [First Hardcover Release][2]
  • 8. Staked (January 26, 2016)
  • 8.5 Besieged (July 11, 2017[3]) - Nine short stories narrated by Atticus O'Sullivan (the main character), Owen Kennedy (Atticus's archdruid), Granuaile MacTiernan (Atticus's former apprentice), and Perun (the Slavic god of thunder). According to the official website, the collection is the length of a novel and should be considered 8.5 in the series.[4] The novel was announced on Twitter in October 2016 by Owen Kennedy, the fictional character from the Iron Druid Chronicles who is Atticus's archdruid.
  • 9. Scourged (Expected in UK April 5, 2018[6]) - Final novel in the Iron Druid series.[7]

Short fiction[edit]

  • "Goddess at the Crossroads" (Iron Druid Chronicles, #0.3) A short story featured in the anthology, A Fantasy Medley 3. One night's dark encounter with the cult of Hecate serves as inspiration for Shakespeare's witches in Macbeth.[8]
  • "The Grimoire of the Lamb" (IDC, #0.4) a novella that appears as its own ebook. Published May 2013.
  • "Clan Rathskeller" (IDC, #0.5) A bonus short story on the Hounded ebook.
  • "Kaibab Unbound" (IDC, #0.6) A bonus short story on the Hounded ebook.
  • "Test of Mettle" (IDC, #3.1) Appears on the short stories page at Hearne's website, and on Hammered ebook.
  • "Two Ravens and One Crow" (IDC, #4.5) This novella appears as its own titled ebook and on Hunted ebook. It takes place 6 years after the events of Tricked and deals with important details between that book and Trapped.
  • “The Demon Barker of Wheat Street” (IDC, #4.6) A short story taking place a couple of weeks after the events of "Two Ravens and One Crow". It was featured in the anthology, Carniepunk (released in July 2013).
  • "The Chapel Perilous" (IDC #4.7) A short story published in the fantasy anthology, Unfettered, and edited by Shawn Speakman. While framed as a story being told by Atticus to his apprentice 8 years after the events of Tricked, it involves events that occurred in 6th century Wales.
  • "A Prelude to War" (IDC #7.5) A novella taking place one week after the events of Shattered. Featured in the anthology, Three Slices. (Released May 2015)
  • "The Purloined Poodle" (IDC #8.5) A story where Oberon solves a mystery with the help of Atticus. (Released September 2016)


Reception for the series has been mostly positive,[9] with Publishers Weekly praising the first three books in the series.[10][11][12]


Soon! So sooooon—yea, April 3!— thou canst enjoy the final volume of the Iron Druid Chronicles! (Yes, indeed, it’s the last book of the series.) Lots of loose ends wrapped up, obviously, and lots of causes from previous books have their effects here. What I’m very happy about is how the novellas and short stories tie in—not only the stories in Besieged, but Grimoire of the Lamb and “The Chapel...

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