Sample Police Cover Letter

Police Cover Letters

In this section you will find sample police cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on police jobs.

When you apply for a police job or promotion, you need to send a police resume and a cover letter. A cover letter is a summary of your resume and lets the recruiter know about the job you are looking for and your skill that makes you eligible for the job. A police cover letter should clearly mention the job profile you are applying for, your achievements, skills and work experience.

Tips to write police cover letters are as follows:

Start the cover letter by mentioning your address, contact number, date, followed by employers name, designation and address. Start the letter with a proper salutation such as "Dear Mr. Andrew Smith". The cover letter should be divided into 3 or 4 paragraph.

Since the recruitment team does not have much time to go through your cover letter. It is essential that the first paragraph of your cover letter should give them a crisp idea about the job profile you are interested in, your skills, achievements and work experience (if any) that is suitable for the job you are applying for. For example: If you are applying for police officer post in the traffic control department, then you can write the first paragraph as follows. I am applying for the post of police officer (traffic department). I am currently working with California police as a police officer. I have gained experience about traffic handling, patrolling and done several stints to reduce crime rate in the harbor control area.

The second and third paragraph of your cover letter must provide detailed information about your work experience, key skills, and achievements in the police department you work for. After glancing through this paragraph, the recruiter must understand that you are the right candidate for the job. Those applying for promotion, need to highlight their achievements in their last job. Mention facts and figure about the cases you solved, number of arrests, the reduction in the rate of crime and the social programs held to improve the well-being and safety of civilians during your tenure in police department.

If you have solved any critical case, then mention it in your cover letter. You can even use bullet points to highlight your accomplishments. Make sure you do not boast about your achievements as these details will be verified once you are selected for the job. You can write your accomplishments in the following way:

Following are few of my accomplishments as sergeant:

  • Lead a team of 12 police officer to arrest Charles Ganzalez, the serial killer known for killing over 20 people.
  • Planned complete mission to arrest drug dealer Adam J and his gang along with drugs worth $ 20 lakh.
  • Solved the kidnapping case of Anderson girls and arrested the gang of kidnappers.

You can even mention the details of the social gathering that took place without any violence during your tenure as police officer. Mention the awards that you received from government and civic bodies for your work. Provide the details of the cases that you reopened and solved. Mentioning facts and figure will help to create good impression on the recruiter.

In the last paragraph, you must include regards for the recruiter and your desire to attend face to face interview. End the letter using correct letter writing etiquettes. You can end your police cover letters as follows:


[Your Signature]

[First and Last name]

Enclosures: Resume

This site includes various police cover letters. The police promotion cover letters can use when you are applying for promotion from one grade to another. It helps you to place emphasis on your achievements thus making you look desirable for a promotion. The police investigation cover letter, railroad police cover letter and police officer cover letters will help you to create a customized cover letter. It helps you to describe the skills necessary for police job in the particular department.

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Police Officer Cover Letter

Police Officers work in law enforcement, protecting the health and safety of their communities and attempting to prevent crimes from occurring. Job duties range from that of beat cops (which include patrolling a regular route, looking for lawbreakers) to those specializing in such fields as dog handling and bomb disposal.

Even Police Officers need to attach professional cover letters to their job applications to prove that they are a good fit for the position. In the cover letter, a Police Officer can list the courses he has taken, as well as any experience he might have gleaned in his preparation for becoming a cop.

The job description for a Police Officer will highlight responsibilities like:

  • Respond to emergency calls for assistance from people who request police response
  • Interview witnesses
  • Maintain a strong knowledge of police and security procedures
  • Perform investigations of crime scenes, fires, injured parties, and vehicle accidents

Here is a sample cover letter that properly displays the skills earned and required for the role of Police Officer. Also, be sure to check out our extensive Police Officer resume samples.

Dear Mr. William Rawls:

As a United States citizen with a strong international and dynamic background, I am writing to express my interest in a position within the Baltimore Police Department. Equipped with a combination of practiced law enforcement, crime investigation / prevention, and leadership strengths, I feel confident in my abilities to contribute to the success of your reputable organization with high levels of professionalism, pride, and commitment.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Security / Law Enforcement: Crime Prevention, Criminal Investigations, and Legal Cases
  • Operational Facilitation: Team Instruction, Quality Control / Assurance, and Materials Management
  • Documentation: Legal, Building Design, Technology, and Safety Regulations

Possessing more than 20 years of experience administering and directing operations within a variety of organizational settings, my goal is to implement my unique professional diversity which includes fluency in English, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. Highly focused in ensuring the incessant delivery of quality services in compliance with strict rules / regulations, I welcome the opportunity to discuss my offerings with you in a more personal setting.

Please review the enclosed resume and feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


James McNulty

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