Xcom/285 Week 7 Assignment

XCOM 285 Essentials of Managerial Communication Axia College Material Appendix B Audience-Focused Communication Matrix Use the matrix to complete the information. Write 3-4 sentences for each item. • What are some audience characteristics you need to consider? • What communication channels would be appropriate and why? • What would you do to ensure your message is effective? • What are some considerations you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience? Audience-Focused Communication Audience Audience Characteristics Channels of Communication Strategies to Ensure Effective Messages Audience Diversity Considerations Managers Managers can be considered the primary audience who will control whether or not the primary audience will receive the message. This audience will have integrity and leadership in the business and will expect to be treated as such. Professionalism and accuracy of information is important. Even though this message will be delivered in person its always good to have visuals as well. If the company has the technological resources available, each member of the meeting should have a copy of the quarterly sales information available to view electronically by email or a scanned copy. If not, the minimum needed would be a printed copy of the documents being discussed. Keeping on track is essential to the deliverance of the message. Having a positive attitude and making sure that the email is quick & to the point will help the receiver better understand the message. When speaking to the

XCOM 225 Foundations of Mass Communication Axia College Material Appendix D Media and Government After reading the articles about air quality at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, answer the questions in the chart with complete sentences. According to Each Article American Source Chinese Source What is the cause of the poor air quality? The cause of poor air quality is transportation, cooking and factories. The cause of poor air quality is too many vehicles on the street, chemical plants and a lack of enough vegetation planted. What steps is the Chinese government taking to improve the air quality? The government’s steps to improve air quality have been to increase public transportation so there are less vehicles on the road. The Chinese government relocated the Shougang Steel Group to outside of Bejieng as well as shut down a chemical plant. How effective have these steps been? The changes have been mildly effective. Air quality is better than years before, but it is not good. These methods were effective,

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