Descriptive Essay About Soccer

Soccer has a very simple aim. You have to get a football into the opposing team’s goal net. The only thing stopping you is a team of players and the goal keeper. The goal keeper is allowed to handle the ball in the goal area, which means you have to use your wits to get it past him/her.

Where is skill involved?

You need skill in order to control the ball, to get the ball past other people, to move quickly with the ball and to shoot at the goal net and get it in past the goal keeper. There is also skill involved in taking the ball from the other team and keeping possession of the ball.

Is the game easy?

There are no tools or equipment needed, which means playing is rather easy. You have to work as a team, which means if you are in trouble with the ball then you can pass it to your teammates. The only position that is difficult to play is the goal keeper.

Who can play?

Men and women can play and young people can play too. Many people encourage their children to play because it is good exercise and is not a contact sport. It is also easy to play and many children can pick up the game very easily.

What makes a good player?

Being able to work as a team makes a player good. Getting into space and then finding another player and passing is all that is needed to be a good team player. A good player should anticipate the game and the moves the other players are going to make. A very good player will hone his or her skills in one or more areas. Things such as passing and tackling are skills a good player needs, and the player should then hone skills based on his or her position. For example, a defender should be good at tackling, a midfielder should be good at crossing the ball over a long distance, and a striker should be good at shooting the ball and getting it past the goal keeper.

Why is soccer played on grass?

Actually, soccer does not have to be played on grass. In countries where it rains a lot the players may play indoors. This is also handy because the walls stop the ball from flying off for great distances. The reason that players prefer grass is because they can run and slide in grass, that goal keeper can be a little more dramatic when saving, and because the grass offers grip that allows players to run faster and maneuver more easily. Still, playing on the grass is only optional and people can easily play on hard surfaces and rough surfaces so long as they have grip on their footwear.


Playing soccer is easy and it is a lot of fun if people of similar levels of experience are bunched together in games. It is no fun if a just a few players are very good and the others are amateur. If you mix games with people of equal skill and experience, then the game can be fun for all.

Essay on Personal Narrative- Soccer State Championship

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Personal Narrative- Soccer State Championship

On February 28, 2005, I experienced one of the most exciting events that anyone could ever experience – winning a State Championship. The day my soccer team made history is a day I’ll never forget. However it is not just that day we won the title, but the whole experience of the preceding season that got us there. From start to finish, my team’s 2004-2005 season taught me that the platitude is true. You can do anything you set your mind to.

From before day one, all our minds were set. This was the year to win a State Championship. I can’t exactly explain it, but right from the start I knew we were going to do it. I was never so sure about anything in my life and I never doubted it once.…show more content…

As Christmas break approached, the team faced what was going to be our biggest challenge of all. Due to his new job, our coach now took the title of “assistant” and we were given a new head coach. The coaches were, and are, good friends, but have totally different coaching styles. The first was laid back and carefree with a great sense of humor, which made him well liked by everyone he coached. The new coach had a reputation for being arrogant, strict, and having a no-tolerance policy when it comes to joking around. Because of this perspective some girls held of our new coach, many were upset with the change. After we attended a tournament over the break, however, the girls realized that they had been wrong about the coach and he was just what we needed to help us achieve our goal.

Unfortunately we still had tension among players. It even got as far as one player taking the ball from another on the field in the middle of the game. As the season progressed, this problem practically solved itself as we bonded at practices, pre-game get-togethers, and voluntarily spending time together on weekends. We grew from barely tolerating each other to being such a tight-knit group that even schoolmates noticed.

With the Christmas tournament aside, we entered the post-season without a loss. We had a plan for each playoff game from districts to regional. We never deviated from the plan, keeping our eye on the target –

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