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Mulan Monomyth Essay

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Mulan is the ultimate epitome of a hero. Joseph Cambell who said “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” , characterizes Mulan to perfection. She undergoes changes throughout struggles which shape her into the worthy hero that she is. . Mulan faces both inner and outer battles that transform her persona to being a hero. According to Joseph Cambell’s monomyth, Mulan meets the necessary qualities, as she portrays them grandly

It all begins with the call to adventure. Mulan hears her father being called to fight for the emperor in a war against the Huns.. Outraged as she was, she pleaded for her father to not be taken away, as he already fought for the emperor in the past. Her…show more content…

With her mentors, she learned the way of the samurai which helps her confront her biggest obstacle. She outgrows the clumsy stage and matures to the point where she makes sure she knows what she’s doing is not an error but something of benefit. For instance, the moment when she sees the Huns army marching toward her while everyone is stumped, she sees an opportunity to strike them down with snow mounts. When she acts on this, the samurai’s escaped leaving the Huns in a temporary setback. Mulan’s samurai sword is her talisman. It has such significance that she holds it in high regard. When she changes her identity, she takes her fathers’ possessions to fight for the emperor and the samurai sword is one of those items. This was what she used to cut off her hair to pass as a samurai. This was an important moment in her life because it proved that she was dedicated, taking the call. It was a self assuring moment in which she was sure that she was going to pass as a son of her fathers. Not only this, but the sword was her force. She didn’t know in the beginning of her journey that she would become a great samurai. The way in which she used her sword showed how she knows how to use it and the better she got with it showed her growth in character. Her sword got her out of bad situations such as the moment where all seemed lost with the Huns in large numbers ready to attack. When she used the sword as a mirror, she saw the opportunity to take them out, preventing

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Batman Begins

Ordinary world

Bruce Wayne is the son of extraordinary wealthy parents and lives a sheltered life.

Call to Adventure

Bruce’s parents are murdered in front of him by a robber.

Refusal of the call

Bruce isn’t yet ready to take on the role of the Dark Knight, a man who can strike fear into criminals. Foolishly he takes a gun to kill the man who killed his parents but someone beats him to it. He needs to go on the journey first, to be worthy and to do that he must first learn what it is to be a criminal.

Supernatural Aid

Whilst in Bhutanese prison he meets Ra’s al Ghul and learns the ways of the League of Shadows.

Crossing the First Threshold

Bruce’s training begins, Teaching him how to fight but also giving him a code to live by.

The Road of the trials

The are two roads of the trials in Batman begins. The first is his training under Ra’s al Ghul where he learns his combat skills.

Meeting with the Goddess

Rachel Dawes is the assistant District Attorney and inspires Bruce to be good “It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you.”

Woman as Temptress

Ra’s al Ghul asks him to execute a prisoner as part of his training. Bruce refuses and destroys the League of Shadows head quarters.

Second Supernatural aid

Lucius Fox supplies him with all his high tech military devices

Belly of the whale

Bruce enters the well which was the source of his fear as a child and discovers a bat cave. He decides to own the bat as his symbol to inspire fear into Gotham’s criminals

The second Road of the trials

Bruce develops his high tech equipment and becomes the Batman. He jumps off a roof and realizes he needs to have the ability to fly and develops a cape that can let him glide. He’s also learning how the city and police operate which enables him to become Batman.

Atonement with the Father

Lucius learns that Bruce is Batman when he is poisoned by The Scarecrow and Alfred has to contact Lucius to create a cure for the toxin. Now Bruce and his mentor are both on the page are are ‘at one with’ each other.


Batman learns the plan to disperse the fear gas through a microwave dispersal in poison the entire city.

Ultimate Boon

He rescues Rachel in his Batcar while the police are in hot pursuit. He is no longer a struggling novice like he was earlier in the story. He is now a fully developed hero ready to take on Ra’s al Ghul.

The Death of the mentor

When Bruce discovers that Henri Ducard is really Ra’s al Ghul and then Ghul burns his house down.

The Magic flight

Bruce flies over the sealed off area of Gotham where criminals are running riot and then fights Ra’s al Ghul on the train to stop the toxin from being released onto the atmosphere, affecting everyone in the city.

Rescue from without

Gordon destroys the train bridge so the train cannot get to the centre and blow the city’s entire water supply.

The crossing of the return Threshold

Batman fights and Ra al Ghul, not as a student but as an equal.

Master of two worlds

“I’m not going to kill you but I don’t have to save you”

Freedom to live

Bruce buys his company back and Gotham has the Batman



Batman begins is brilliant story telling. Tricky, non-linear, and has two mentors and two separate road of the trials, this is unusual and very well executed.

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