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A Language of Love Essay

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A Language of Love

I was nine years old when my family purchased its first television set. The year was 1968 and the popular series “Lost In Space” was in its final season on prime time T.V. I loved “Lost In Space” and avidly followed the adventures of the Robinson family through years of afternoon reruns. My sisters teased me about having a crush on Billy Mumy, the young actor who played Will Robinson. This charge infuriated and puzzled me. It infuriated me because I knew it wasn’t true, but it puzzled me because I recognized a seed of truth in their teasing. It was many years before I was able to articulate what that truth was: I didn’t have a crush on Billy Mumy. I had a crush on Angela Cartwright, the actress who played Penny.…show more content…

We must continue to search for ways to make an “other” sexual orientation acceptable. And we need to do it long before our children reach the emotional minefield of adolescence. I suggest that it is the responsibility of every thinking, caring adult to examine her own heterosexist assumptions and to make visible for her children the wide range of romantic expression that exists.

I had lunch recently with my young son at his elementary school. The children tend to segregate themselves into the “boys” and the “girls” tables, although some overlap occurs. Another parent, seated with the boys, asked the children, “How many of you want to sit at the girls’ table?” His question was answered with a chorus of boos and vociferous “no”s, although not all the boys joined in. “Well,” this parent said, smiling, “I’ll ask you again in high school. You’ll all want to sit at the girls’ table then!”

If current statistics about homosexuality are right, one of the ten boys at the table will not want to sit with the girls, at least not for the reason this well-meaning parent assumes. In his unconscious reflection of heterosexist values, this man is denying the experience one of those impressionable children will have. Which child will it be that grows up with his feelings invalidated and unnamed? Will it be this father’s own child? Will it be mine?

It is difficult for the

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The 5 Love Languages Essay

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Je T’aime or “I Love You”? They say that French is the most romantic language of all, but after reading Gary Chapman’s bestselling book, The 5 Love Languages, I would have to disagree. This international bestseller written by the director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc. has revived the love in millions of marriages around the world by uncovering the five specific languages that successful couples use to communicate their love for one another. These couples share a priceless love due to their understanding of the language that the other uses daily to show their affection for one another. These love languages include words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. In the book, Chapman…show more content…

Love doesn’t keep a score of wrongs. We must understand that forgiveness is a commitment and choice to show mercy and not hold things against our spouse. The final way you can show love through words of affirmation is with humble words. We have to be sure to make requests and not demands by knowing one another’s desires and expressing those desires in loving way. Requesting your desires gives your spouse the choice to love you. If your spouse’s love language is words of affirmation you can compliment your spouse to others when they are not around, tell them how much you appreciate them, and write them love letters. (pages 37-50) Quality time is the second love language. This involves giving your spouse undivided attention, talking, and listening. It is not enough just to live with your spouse and be in the same room with them; it means spending time together without any distracions. You must not only have focused attention, but also quality conversation. This is sympathetic dialogue where you share experiences, thoughts, feelings, and desires without distractions. A spouse who feels loved by spending quality time with you will want you to spend time in conversation, listen sympathetically, and ask them questions with a genuine desire to understand their thoughts, feelings and hopes. (pages 55-70) The third love language is receiving gifts. After Dr. Chapman traveled around the world examining the cultural patterns surrounding love and marriage, he

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